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The UK’s distributed startup support & investment network

6 months location-independent support that works around your location, £25,000 investment and much more.

Application Process

1. Apply

The first step is to apply to join the Ignite programme through F6S.

2. Interview

If you meet our interview criteria, we’ll schedule a call to discuss your application.

3. Offsite

If the call goes well, you’ll be invited to an interview with the Ignite team.

4. Offer

If you're successful, we'll invite you to join the Ignite programme.

To learn more about our programmes, offers and structure, take a look at the FAQ.
You can also chat to the team by booking an Office Hours call.

Our Programmes

Whether you’re looking for long-term support, investment or just need help validating your next big idea, we’re here to help.

Main Programme

Our programme features 6 months’ mentoring and support, £25,000 investment and sees our cohort working alongside a range of startups from around the UK. Think of us as your remote Non-Executive Director; here to help as you scale your business!

We work with startups remotely for three weeks of every month, delivering our Startup MBA course digitally alongside our programme mentors and partners. The fourth week of every month sees cohort startups join us, portfolio companies and interviewing businesses for in-person offsites, which are held in 10 different cities around the UK each year.

Apply if: You are a founding team of two or more with at least a Minimum Viable Product built and are able to commit to working full-time on your business.


Our pre-accelerator is a day-long intensive course for founders at the beginning of their startup journey. If you’ve an idea you want to turn into a business, this is for you!

If accepted to join the day’s event, the Ignite team will share their experiences around product development, customer validation, fundraising and much more. You will also receive 1-1 mentoring and be given access the community of founders who have attended Ignite’s pre-accelerator events around the UK.

Apply if: You have an idea and are thinking about how you’ll take it to the next level (or figure out if it’s really worth doing).

Our Team

Tristan Watson

Managing Director

Gabriela Matic

Programme Director

Wil Benton

Programme Director

Bailey Kursar

Entrepreneur in Residence

Jasper Lyons

Entrepreneur in Residence