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Cyber London is Europe’s first cyber security accelerator and incubator space


Cyber London is a hub for the cyber security companies of tomorrow.

Our three month accelerator programme offers some of Europe’s most promising entrepreneurs the training necessary to build and grow a successful cyber security company. Alongside an intensive professional curriculum, Cyber London’s participants also receive personal guidance and support from an accomplished network of mentors. Our programme culminates with a Demo Day, allowing participants to present their products, progress and potential to a range of partners and investors.

Our incubator space supports more advanced cyber security companies looking to take their businesses to the next level. For the duration of the programme, our incubator teams access the benefits of Cyber London’s unique network and expertise whilst they focus on business and product development.

Both the accelerator and incubator are housed in fully-furnished, modern office space in London.

Applications open soon.

Got a question? Read the FAQ, follow us on Twitter or contact us You’ll find a copy of our press release here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we join CyLon?

As Europe’s first cyber-security accelerator programme, CyLon offers a unique and outstanding opportunity to work with an accomplished network of mentors and investors.

CyLon was founded by some of the UK’s leading technology investors and consultants, including Eileen Burbidge (Passion Capital), Alex van Someren (Amadeus Capital Partners) and Epsilon Advisory, and is operated by Ignite, the UK’s leading seed accelerator programme.

How much funding do businesses attending CyLon receive?

Teams receive a £5,000 stipend per founder in return for their full-time attendance on the programme. This is intended to assist with living costs for teams, and is limited to a maximum of £15,000 per team. To be clear, this is a stipend and there are no other costs OR equity associated with participating in the programme.

How much equity will CyLon take in my business?

Zero equity. Due to the unique way we’re funded, CyLon will not ask teams for an equity stake in their business.

How is CyLon funded?

The programme is funded entirely through corporate sponsorship. These sponsors are commercial partners only and have no say in the operation of your business, no prescriptive rights or unique access to the technology you create. There are no strange terms and conditions and we align ourselves entirely with the other founders of the business.

What else will CyLon provide?

Aside from your team receive everything you might expect from a full time accelerator programme including a full schedule of mentoring, coaching, workshops and field trips over the 13 weeks period, you’ll also receive free workspace for an additional 13 weeks after the programme ends at our state-of-the-art offices.

Does CyLon have a seed fund for teams after the programme?

There is no official CyLon follow-on fund, however the founders of Cylon will consider teams on the programmes for additional investment, as well as introducing founders to their own angel and VC networks. Two founders of CyLon are venture capital investors, and have specific funds earmarked to invest companies they select during or after the programme.

In short, it’s expected successful teams will have access to follow-on seed funding to ensure they continue to grow and scale.

What type of startups do you accept?

CyLon aims to assist founders in building commercial businesses that deliver outstanding information security technology.

Cyber-security has become central to a successful economy in the 21st century, so we’ll consider teams applying themselves in any one of a number of industries; from defence to retail, telecoms to financial services, digital industries to health services.

Is my startup too early (or late) stage to apply to CyLon?

Not at all. We’ll consider startups that are still at the concept stage, though we can provide substantial value to later-stage businesses too.

We anticipate that with no equity being taken and access to our awesome network of mentors and partners that the programme will also appeal to funded cyber companies.

Can I apply if I’m not from the UK?

For this programme, CyLon will consider startups from the UK and within the EU, as long as you and your team can legally work in the UK for the duration of the programme.

Where is CyLon based?

Our state-of-the-art offices are based at Winton Capital in Hammersmith, next to the tube station – 15 minutes via tube from Victoria and 20 minutes from King’s Cross St Pancras.

When is the deadline to apply and what’s the overall timeline?

Applications open on Friday 16th January and close at 9am on Monday 2nd March. Following a series of interviews with the CyLon team, finalists will be offered a place on the programme by Friday 20th March at the latest. The programme is due to start on Monday 20th April and close on Friday 10th July.

Do I need to send in a business plan?

Our aim is to help you shape your business and identify commercial opportunities; even if you’re trading and have revenues, your business and product are likely to change. For these reasons, we don’t require a business plan at this stage. Instead, complete the short application form, but please make sure you fill in all the questions.

Where will we live during the programme?

If you currently live outside London, finding a place to stay is your responsibility, however we’ll assist you where we can to find accommodation.

Will you accept single founder teams? What about non-developers?

The CyLon programme is very intensive, and for that reason we would prefer teams over single founders. That doesn’t mean we won’t consider single founders, but they must be outstanding developers and have strong product development skills.

All teams should have the ability to iterate while part of the programme and therefore must be able to build the core technology themselves.


Digital technology touches virtually every aspect of daily life today. Social interaction, healthcare activity, political engagement or economic decision-making – digital connectivity permeates it all, and the dependence on this connectivity is growing swiftly.

Greater reliance on a networked resource naturally makes us more interdependent on one another. The collective ability to manage risks in this shared digital environment is fundamental. It forms the crux of cyber-resilience.

Hyperconnected World Report, World Economic Forum



Alex van Someren

Amadeus Capital Partners

Alex is Managing Partner of the Early Stage Funds at Amadeus, with a current investment focus on Cyber-Security, and is currently a member of the Royal Society CyberSecurity Research Steering Group.

In 1996 Alex co-founded nCipher with venture capital backing to develop internet security products using advanced cryptography. The company became a world leader in IT security, counting major banks, finance companies and governments among its customers. He subsequently raised a total of £14 million in venture capital funding before he led the company to a listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2000 at a £350 million valuation. nCipher plc was sold to Thales SA in 2008


Grace Cassy & Jonathan Luff

Epsilon Advisory Partners

Epsilon advises clients operating at the intersection of government, enterprise, technology and society.

Through their global network, Epsilon helps clients to grow their businesses and expand internationally through innovative commercial, intellectual and social partnerships.

The senior team has experience at the highest level of government and business, in the UK, US, Europe and internationally.


Jon Bradford


Jon is the Managing Director of TechStars in London.

Since launching Europe’s first bootcamp accelerator in 2009 – The Difference Engine – Jon helped to launch Springboard in Cambridge and London, and co-founded Ignite in Newcastle. He has worked in London, throughout Europe, Australia and also the United States.


Eileen Burbidge

Passion Capital

Eileen Burbidge is Partner at Passion Capital, the leading early-stage VC firm in London. Eileen brings extensive operational experience to her investment activities gleaned from business and product development roles at Yahoo!, Skype, PalmSource, Openwave, Sun, Apple and elsewhere.

Eileen holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Current Cohort


AimBrain’s first product is a biometric security layer than can be used with any mobile data-sensitive application. It tracks not only what the user enters, but also how they enter it.


Cyberlytic provides security intelligence software that prioritises the workload of security teams and reduces response times from cyber attacks to seconds.


Attackers only need to find one needle to breach your network. Intruder helps you to identify the needles, but more importantly – to ignore the haystack.

Mentat Innovations

Imagine a cybersecurity solution that is able to flag malicious activity against a background of shifting legitimate behaviour. At Mentat, we extract patterns and conclusions are live, under constant revision to reflect the latest information.


Amongst the vast volume of online data are the voices of consumers, the strategies of competitors and the channels to reach influencers. Ripjar can help you understand your brand’s external perception, your advocates and detractors.

Sphere Secure Workspace

Sphere offers organisations and their employees a secure way of using personal mobile devices for work related activities

SQR Systems

With the rapidly increasing threats to cybersecurity in all areas of corporate and personal life, SQR develops cutting edge technology through government R&D programmes for protection of data and intellectual property at the personal, corporate and national levels.


We’re adding our list of mentors now, please check back soon!

Contact us via email to discuss your application for the Cylon accelerator programme. Alternatively, you can also find us on Twitter.